Trekkingtripnepal 20 Jun, 2020

Best Helicopter Tours in Nepal

Nepal, a country known for its richness of natural beauty and cultural diversity, can be accessed in different ways as per your desires and economy. Trekking, driving, and a few more can be the alternatives; you can use to enjoy the immense beauty of the country.

But, apart from that, if you want to explore Nepal in a short period and in the most luxurious way, then a helicopter tour can be a perfect choice. It is the best way to feel nature like a bird, just staying in a helicopter and viewing the sights.


However, if you are lucky enough to get a place worth landing, you can even land your helicopter along the Himalayas. How beautiful will that be? So, If you want to think about it, here are some best helicopter tours in Nepal.

1. Everest Base Camp

One of the most visited trekking destinations of Nepal and the most popular among visitors from all across the globe is the Everest base camp.

You can trek or drive as per your situation; however, the facility for helicopter tours is also available for Everest base camp. This is the best way to view Mount Everest from a bird's point of view.

The helicopter ride takes about 4-5 hrs to reach the base camp from the capital city-Kathmandu. If you are really into saving, you can even share your ride with other passengers that will cost you a bit less than it is.

The price will differ in the range of $950 to $1050 approx. One thing you should know is the helicopter rides are widely taken in the months when the sky is mostly clear and in lesser rainfalls.

2. Annapurna Base Camp

The other most beautiful and famous trekking destination in Nepal after the Everest base camp is Annapurna Base Camp. This camp also has the facility for helicopter rides; however, people mostly trek or drive to reach the destination.

The place is not just for the Annapurna range but also the majestic mountains, land farms, and green fields all around. You will be able to feel it carefully.

The best way to experience the Annapurna camp in very little time and comfortable is to take a helicopter ride. It's only 40-50 minutes from Pokhara, and per person, the cost will be about $450-$500. 

3. Langtang Helicopter Tour

Situated toward the north of Kathmandu, Langtang valley, also called the valley of glaciers, provides you a majestic view of mother nature and the beautiful Langtang mountain.

Not only this, the glaciers, snow-clad mountains, Langtang national park, with the tranquil lake of Gosainkunda make it awesome, making you close towards the species of rare flora and fauna.

It gets very easy to reach the site if you take the helicopter ride, which will cost you approximately $350 per person. Because of the better mobility of the places, you will be able to stop wherever you want, and the trek is just about 30 min to 1hour journey.

It is one of the best ways to get a break from your busy life and rest yourself in the shining mountains, green valley, and the heartwarming culture of the people. 

4. Rara Helicopter Tour

A place full of fresh blue water, Rara lake, is not less than heaven on earth. Rara lake will make you fall in love with its magical beauty, and you will not be able to take off your eyes.

The more you explore, the more you will be expecting to stay longer here. Also called the queen of lakes, Rare lake is the deepest lake in Nepal. The tour can be afforded for $1500 per person.

But if you are willing to share your ride, then you might even get it at much lower prices. The ride is direct from Kathmandu to Rara, and I assure you that this ride will never disappoint you. It's just the best way to spend your money without getting disappointed.

5. Muktinath Helicopter Tour

 One of the most popular travel destinations for people inside and outside the country is Muktinath, which is not just beautiful but holiest as well. There are many other ways to reach the site; however, taking a helicopter ride will make this most relaxed and comfortable.

The ride provides you with a magical view of mount Dhaulagiri and Annapurna. Muktinath is just a 30 minutes helicopter tour from Pokhara but a 5hr ride from Kathmandu.

This is the best way to view the deepest George and valleys. The per-person cost will range from INR 154000 to a group of five people. September can be the best month for visiting Muktinath when the temperature suits better.

6. Pokhara Helicopter Tour

One of the most beautiful and most famous tourist destinations in Nepal, Pokhara, is just so beautiful, clean, and well managed. The place you will never love leaving is Pokhara. It is also called the king of lakes.

You will want to stay as long as you want, but if you don’t have much time to be here, a helicopter ride is just for you. There are several must-visit places here that you don’t want to miss, and taking a helicopter ride would be the best decision to cover them all at once.

This tour is best for all age groups and even for physically disabled people. The mesmerizing places in Pokhara are its major attractions. The shortest tour from Kathmandu takes just 15 minutes to reach here, which will cost you almost about $365 per person.

7. Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour

Gosaikunda also spelled Gosainkunda, and Gosain Kunda is an alpine freshwater oligotrophic lake in Nepal's Langtang National Park. Located at an elevation of 4,380 m in the Rasuwa District, Gosaikunda is another most visited and major attraction of Nepal.

Gosainkunda is a true example of beauty at its best. You will never regret your helicopter ride to this place, and it is just a 2-hour ride to reach this place.

Gosaikunda is also visited for many pre or post-wedding photoshoots and many other recreational reasons because of its mesmerizing beauty that will provide you the lifetime unforgettable memories.  

Gosaikunda is one of the famous holy sites of Nepal; therefore, any age group can visit it. The trip through helicopter ride gets even more comfortable for people who are physically disabled, as well. This will cost you about $2000 for about a group of 5 people.

Well, it is not necessary to tell you about the months for helicopter rides, but most months that are safe for helicopter rides are when the sky is way clear. The rainy season has crossed. Therefore, make sure you visit at the best time to make your journey much enjoyable and unforgettable.