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Manaslu Circuit Trek 2021/2022 - Adventure Trekking in Nepal For Trekkers Guideline

Manaslu Circuit Trek - Everything You Should Know 

On the way to Manaslu Circuit Trekking in Nepal, you will feel the peaceful nature and unique cultures in the off beaten path of adventure trip in the remote area on the Manaslu region. Fewer people do this trekking in every year, so the trail is full of tranquility and beholds the stunning views of the Manaslu Himalayan range and Annapurna range. Take a glimpse of snowcapped towering mountains and higher glacier lake, Larke glacier, and an outstanding glimpse of “FLORA and FAUNA” that are ornamented in the conservation area. The Manaslu Circuit Trek passes unique Tibetan cultures and traditions following by the locals. Experience the unique Nepalese cultural heritage sites including Gurung and Sherpa habitants.



This is the adventure journey to experience the typical cultures and lifestyle of mountain people. Mount Manaslu (8,163m) is the main attraction of the trip which is the eighth tallest mountain in the world. Both the tea house and camping trek prefer for this trip as the trekkers' preferences.  This mountain lies in the west-central part of Nepal as the mountain Manaslu is the meaning belongs to "mountain of the spirit" is derived from the Sanskrit language Manasa (intellect/soul), it was first climbed on May 09, 1956, by the members of Japanese expedition Gyalzen Norbu and Imanishi.


This mountain is the highest mountain in the Gorkha district and in the east Mount Annapurna is hugely standing beautifully. This is the uncrowded trekking route in the undiscovered phenomena of the rich geography of Nepal. Heal your mind on this vista the decorated mountains like Himlung Himal, Nemjung, Cheo Himal, Gyagi Khang in the reflection of Mt. Annapurna. The trekking journey will mix up with the slim rocky tracks deep inside the Budigandaki River, mountain village daily life, and unique cultures of Gurung, Magar, Tamang, Chhetri, Brahmin, Tibetan, etc. The trails fully equipped with the mass of beautiful cannabis plants, alpine woods, and Marijuana somewhere in between the path. 


Prepare your bearings for the exploration of Manaslu Circuit Trek situated between the Langtang region and the Annapurna region as the trekking route was open only for the 400 trekkers in 1992 is the trailblazer expedition for the explorer and for the Manaslu Circuit Trekking trip you need to do physical training before starting the hike. The trekkers who love to enjoy the virgin nature full of peace, scenery, and adventure as we guaranteed that all kinds of necessity will fulfill by this trip. 


The trekking path follows the ancient salt trading route used by the Nepali and Tibetan merchants in the past along the Budhi Gandaki River. The routes verities of trekking activities alternatives as the popular Manaslu Trekking Trail of 177 kilometers passing through the Larke La (5106m/17752ft) descend into the Annapurna region. Manaslu Trekking area under the control of the Manaslu Conservation Area Project Area (MCAP) established in 1997 the ultimate aim to achieve conservation and sustainability management of demarcate boundaries involving Manaslu and need to take special trekking permit to enter in this province. 


How Many Days need to complete Manaslu Circuit / How Long is the Trekking Trail?

The Manaslu Circuit TrekManaslu Circuit Trek is an adventure trek and longer than other trekking in Nepal. The trekking can be completed within the 14 to 17 days managing adequate acclimatization itineraries and convenient. The journey distance about 177 kilometers/ 110 miles as the length differs from how the program itinerary organizes. Some people start from Arughat others begin at Soti Khola. 


 The specialty of Manaslu Circuit Trek  

The Manaslu Circuit Trekking is entirely special to discover the relationship between human and nature.  The trail goes through the deep side of the Budi Gandaki River including ten peaks of more than 6,500 meters/21,300 with the awesome view standing like a decorated wall from the glistering silver color snowcapped peaks above 7000 meters/23,000 ft. Another special part of this trek is no crowed in the trail and experience the unique Tibetan cultures beautiful dryland pasting by the snowdrop and far from the busiest trekking route Annapurna Circuit. 


The area is highly impressed by two ethnic groups; Nubri and Tsum, they have higher populated in the province as the Chhikur's river branch separated the racial territories into two different parts. However, Nubri is recognized since 1950 after tourism opening on the other hand Tsum still far from it and following much more traditional cultures, traditions, and art. Gurung ethnic group is the main habitats of the area in the central hills of the Manaslu region. If you are eager to set your trip to this area you should find a friend to accompany you because this trek needs a special permit and Government Issue the permit for at least two people as the Manaslu Circuit is a restricted trekking area. Check all the documents that you need to attach to the company for permission for the trekking. 


When is The Best Time or Best Season to plan the Manaslu Circuit Trek? 

In Nepal, we have four distinct seasons:       1. Spring (March, April, May)

                                                                      2. Summer (June, July, August)

                                                                      3. Autumn (September, October, November)

                                                                       4. Winter (December, January, February)

The Spring season (March-May) and the Autumn season (September – November) are the prime time for trekking in Nepal as well as in the Annapurna Massif. But every season has its own features to give enjoy to the trekkers who are trekking in the different parts of the Himalayan region of Nepal, carry the exciting environment and atmosphere for all hikers and travelers. 


In Spring: the weather will clear and pleasant, neither hot nor too cold so this is the appropriate time for traveling in Nepal. Experience the exciting natural environment in your trip as most of the Jungles covered by the rhododendron flowers and ornamented the trail beautifully and the sky is clear and see the blue sky and snowcapped mountains panorama in the horizon.


In Summer: This is the season for monsoon in Nepal, so most of the time it is raining. In this time the trails are wet muddy and get leeches on the trail. Most of the Time Mountains are covered by clouds, which make less opportunity to view the mountain sceneries. But you will see the greenery of the different plants on your trip. 


In Autumn: Autumn is the best season to travel in Nepal as well as an appropriate time to trek and hike in the mountains. Feel the pride of pretty mountains and greenery in the backdrop of the terrace fields including the celebration of different festivals by the locals. It is really an awesome time to observe the combination of cultures and nature. Other trekking routes are full of travelers and in the Manaslu, Trekking trail has fewer people for hiking. One who loves peace and get out from hectic life, this will be the perfect destination to adjust their holidays full of fun and enjoy. 


In Winter: It is the coldest season of the year and snowfall in the higher mountains. If you want to set your trip in winter you just need to do well preparation for your adventure journey because of heavy snowfall the way might be blocked as you need to manage full trekking gears. If you like to ski then winter season is the best season to trek in the mountains. 


Available Trekking Routes in Manaslu Circuit 

In this section of the Manaslu trekking blog, we talk about the trekking routes for different trekking trails in the Manaslu region. This is the remote area of Nepal prosperous by the natural property in the beautiful mountain province. The journey is starting from Kathmandu taking by the local bus or reserve the private vehicle stop at Arughat or Sotikhola after 8 hours' drive. The roads now pitch road up to Murali Bhanjyang and then drive in the muddy road. 


There are some alternative established routes for trekking such as Rupinala Pass, Manaslu Circuit (177km), Tsum Valley. Generally, the Manaslu Circuit Trek complete within 15 days starting from Arughat and complete at Beshi Shahar leads you the challenging adventure in the high pass of Larke La (5106m). The trekking camp is longer in comparison with other trekking trails. Everyday normally you need to walk around 6 to 10 hours from one camp to another camp. The trail is quite adventurous so it is better to prepare well trekking gears for your trip. 


Travelers often do the Tshum Valley and Manaslu Circuit Trek both of which journey needs more days around 21 to 22. The ultimate height of this trek is 3700m and this valley is open for trekking in 2008. The valley dominant from the Tibetan costume and the people differ from other parts of Nepal. An interesting fact of this valley is the polyandry system women can have several husbands. Basically the women unlikely to be the widowed in this system as well as it close family intact then sharing the limited land properties together with all the families. 

Furthermore, other routes start from Arughat, and the trail goes deep into the Budi Gandaki gorge in the standing wall of Ganesh Himal (7,429m), Himal Chuli (7,892m), and Sringi Mountain (7,165m/23,507ft). The track takes you different eco villages and will see the beautiful scene of Mt. Manaslu (8163m) from Lho Gaun. Moreover, in your acclimatization day in Samagaun hike to the Manaslu Base Camp observe the numerous magnificent mountains in the zenith and the trip ends at Beshi Shahar. The trail is an ancient trading route that has been mostly reconstructed after the devastating earthquake in 2015. 


While you plan for Manaslu Circuit Trekking consider enough days for the trekking as there should include the acclimatization days. Give yourself justice and value your investment not getting by altitude sickness and manage a couple of weeks at least to complete the whole trip. 


Things You Must Need to Know in Manaslu Circuit Trekking 

The Manaslu is the sixth most climbing mountains in the world. You are setting your journey to the higher mountain circuit so you may get the altitude sickness as you need to prepare well for this. None knows whom altitude sickness strike, as anyone can be the victim. It doesn't young or adult and never can predict when and who will be suffered from it. 

There are many endangered wild animals protected by the Manaslu Conservation Area Project likewise snow leopards, Blue sheep, (Bharal), pandas, and Himalayan Thar. The locals respect them as the god of the areas and never hunt following the Tibetan Buddhist principles. On the way in your trail, you will encounter the herd of horse and the mules let them the way and keep yourself just against the wall not in the edge site because they will push you and get an accident. 


This is a remote area, it is because there is limited service of internet and mobile network. Expect to extra charge for charging your electronic devices. If you have a portable solar battery charger that will be the great justice to your power bank and gadgets. In the trek, you will rarely get a western-style shower and need to use the gas shower and bucket shower of warm water in your extra payments. After the completion of the trek, you will feel that you get back from the winning war and have unforgettable memories in your mind. Manaslu Circuit Trek really the epic journey in your life. 


The area is highly undeveloped and remote has poor sanitation and high rates of infection rates, cholera, and poor access to medicine and clean water. They are all in under poverty and your tourism money can empower their life and save them out of poverty. 


Manaslu Circuit Trek Vs Other Trekking Trail in Nepal 

Manaslu Circuit Trekking is the cowed free trekking trails in Nepal. In comparison with the Everest Base Camp Trek and Annapurna Circuit Trek, this trip is the far better for the peaceful phenomena. In the peak season, there are huge groups of trekkers in other trails but in Manaslu Circuit fewer trekkers and can get the accommodation easily. If you are hungry for adventure and a real trekking trip then we sure that the Manaslu Circuit Trek is your real choice to complete your adventure passion. Explore undiscovered cultures, lifestyles, and traditions in this region but in other regions feel like everything impressed by modernization as the Manaslu Circuit is the genuine trekking trail. In the past camping was the only possible but nowadays tea houses are available along the route. 


The difficulty of the Manaslu Circuit Trek 

The Manaslu Circuit Trek is moderately difficult means not that difficult like cant complete. The physical work in this trek needs to do a lot as it is one of the off-beaten trekking trails in Nepal. The Manaslu Circuit Trek is one of the adventure and challenging trips in Nepal that leads you encompasses through the typical villages of remote areas in the peaceful Himalayan region. This trekking trip takes you to the base of the worlds' eight tallest mountain Manaslu (8,163m) and the latest product of famous trekking is the gem of the gorgeous mountain land. This is the right alternative choice for Annapurna Circuit Trek. The trip is a thrilling adventure of the presence of high glacier, unique natural phenomena, dense forests, and wild animals. This is an authentic, wilder, and awe-inspiring region for the new discover site for the explorer.  The trek offers all the outstanding features of an adventure trip in Nepal like great suspension bridges, astounding views of the towering mountains, and the diverse terrace in the backdrop of the Mt. Manaslu and the stunning landscapes mountain cultural diversity, and so on. 


The trail now somehow wide and constructing the road construction by the Nepal Army so it is not that difficult and on the way to the commercialization by the local has open a comfortable lodge somewhere in Namrung. You need to cross the narrow track and looser rocky trails somewhere. In conclusion, The Manaslu Circuit Trek is neither an easy nor a difficult adventure trip in Nepal. 


Manaslu Circuit Trekking Cost 

Most of the travelers land at Tribhuwan International Airport at Kathmandu likely to set their journey to trekking in Nepal. Some trekkers set their journey to the Everest region, some are in the Langtang region, some are in Upper Mustang and some prefer to Nepal Tour. Some tourists use airplanes and some use bus trips as per the available facility. Your trekking package normally includes all costs for your accommodation, meals, and drink, permit, guide, porter, and transportation fees. While you are doing Annapurna Base Camp Trekking or Poon Hill, just one permit use to allow entry in the region but in the Manaslu Circuit Trek needs three kinds of permits. 


The cost for permits depends on the number of days and month spend in the region. The followings are the permit you need to purchase before starting the trekking. 


Manaslu Restricted Permit:

It costs USD 70.00 for the first seven days and each additional day charge USD 10.00 from September to November for Manaslu Circuit and from December to August need to pay USD 50.00 for the first seven days and USD 7.00 each of extra days. 


Manaslu Conservation Area Project Permit (MCAP):

For the foreigner, MCAP charges USD 20 (NPR 2000) per person, and in the case of SAARC nationality NPR 200 per person. 


Annapurna Conservation Area Project Permit (ACAP):

Although most of the trekking trip covers in the Manaslu region as you need to pass the Annapurna region too. So, you also need to take the Annapurna Conservation Area Project permit (ACAP).  ACAP permit fee USD 30 (NPR 3000) and the Trekkers Information Management System (Card TIMS) USD 10 (NPR 1000). We provides you a reasonable price for your complete trekking package. 


Standard Itineraries for the Manaslu Circuit Trek 

While you land at Kathmandu, it is better to explore around the Kathmandu by Kathmandu valley sightseeing for and trek preparation for your further trekking program. We have provided the well-organized trekking itineraries in the following section:


Day 01 – Land at Tribhuwan International Airport, Kathmandu 

Our airport representative will welcome at the airport and transfer to the hotel by private vehicle and brief about the trekking program for your Manaslu Circuit Trek, overnight stay at the hotel. Breakfast included 


Day 02 – Sightseeing around Kathmandu Valley 

After breakfast, our tour guide will take you to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites for the exploration of cultures, history, religion, and lifestyles then return back to the hotel and prepare for another day trekking trip. Breakfast included 


Day 03 – Drive to Soti Khola (710m/2328ft), Duration: 8 hours 

Our guide will pick up you from the hotel for 8 hours driving to Soti Khola. Along in the concrete roads to Murali Bhanjyang and then off road to Soti Khola, overnight stay at the tea house. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner included 


Day 04 – Trek to Machha Khola (900m/2952ft), Duration: 6 hours 

The trekking constantly goes an undulating route through the forests along the side of Budhi Gandaki River. Then the track descends to the wide and sandy riverbank then continue along the rocky trail observing the white flowing water in the river, overnight stay at the Machha Khola. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner included 

Day 05 – Machha Khola – Jagat (1340m/4395ft), Duration: 6 hours 

Crossing by the Machha Khola River and Khorla Besi we reach the hot spring at Tatopani. The trail is equipped with the full wilderness until we cross Dovan Khola. The landscape and the beautiful scenery dramatically changing by the side of our trip as elevation grows in the higher part till then we reach at Jagat.  Overnight stay at the tea house, breakfast, lunch, and dinner included. 


Day 06 Trek to Deng (2095m/6871ft), Duration: 9 hours 

After breakfast, our trekking continues to go through the Jagat well-managed village and climbs up to the Sirdibas Valley offers the stunning view of Sringi Himal. Then the trail descends to the river and crosses a long suspension bridge over Budhi Gandaki River then a steep climb up to Philim. After sometime rest in the Philim walking passes through the nice waterfalls in the side of the valley. Ekle Bhatti is in the way after walking by the Philim and we pass through the rivers twice by the suspension bridge. Then the trek encompasses through the Pewa and reaches to small village Deng, overnight stay there. Breakfast Lunch and Dinner included


Day 07 – Deng to Namrung (2,900m/9,512ft), Duration: 6 hours 

After breakfast in the morning, we walk steeply up to the rocky trail before down to cross the river. Then we pass by some tiny settlements, where there is an art in Mani stones beautifully carved into wayside rocks as we are entering in the Tibetan territory. In the afternoon we can take a sidewalk to the small settlement of Prok around two-hour journey return back to Namrung for a night stay. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner included 

Day 08 Namrung – Samagaun (3500m/11480ft), Duration: 10 hours 

Today the trekking trip passes through the Mani stones wall of the village view by the stunning views of mountains and passes a large stone gate. We will see the stunning views of Mt. Manaslu from Pungen Glacier then the trail drop in the moraine of Pungen Glacier way to Samagaun and this is the most beautiful village on the Manaslu Circuit Trek. Overnight stay at the tea house, breakfast, lunch, and dinner included. 


Day 09 – Acclimatization Day 

While you are doing a long journey in the higher mountains you need rest to digest the altitude and acclimatization will help with it. This day you will hike Birendra Lake and opt to the Manaslu Base Camp (4750m) then back and overnight stay at the Samagaun. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner included


Day 10 – Samagaun – Samdo (3690m/12103ft), Duration:4 hours 

In the morning after our breakfast, we set our journey towards Samdo and can see the Marmot o the way as we cross by the pastures lands and gradually up to the valley in parallel to the Tibetan refugee village. This village is very close to Tibet just walk around a day to get Tibetan boarder. After we get in Samdo eat our lunch and go around the village and back then overnight sat at the tea house. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner included. 


Day 11 – Samdo - Dharmasala (4450m/14596ft), Duration: 5 hours 

After walking in the verdant and crossing some streams we will reach Larke Bazaar used for the trading center a couple of years ago. Continue to climb in the rocky trails we arrive at the Dharmasala and stay overnight at the tea house and prepare for the long pass of Larke La (5106m). Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner included 


Day 12 – Dharmasala - Bhimthang (3590m/11775ft) via Larke La Pass (5,106m/17,122ft), Duration: 9 hours 

This is the tough day of the whole trekking trip of Manaslu Circuit Trek. Wake up early in the morning and eat breakfast then begin the journey towards the Larke La Pass. The trail is quite difficult but the biggest award is to encounter the outstanding scenery of the magnificent mountains of Larke peak, Himlung Himal, Gyagi Kung, Cheo Himal, Pawar Himal, and Annapurna II. From the pass the track descent through the looser rock in the white snowdrops and arrive at Bimthang. Overnight stay at the tea house. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner included


Day 13 – Bhimthang – Goa (2300m/7544ft), Duration: 9 hours 

In the morning we start our hike down to Goa enjoying the views of beautiful mountains on the horizon and arrive at Annapurna Conservation Area then the trail descends through the rhododendron forests and fig trees. Finally, we will reach Goa and overnight stay at the tea house. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner included 


Day 14 – Goa - Taal (1400m), Duration: 7 hours 

Today we pass the typical village Tilge and off-road walking to the Dharapani crossing the bridge over the Marsyangdi River and we will go through the police checkpoint then continue our trek to Taal. Overnight stay at the tea house, breakfast, lunch, and dinner included.


Day 15 – Drive from Taal to Kathamndu by private vehicle, Duration: 9 hours 

This is the final day of your trekking trip for the Manaslu Circuit Trek. From Taal, we will take the private jeep and drive to Kathamndu overnight stay at the hotel. Breakfast included 


The altitude of Manaslu Circuit Trek

The altitude in Manaslu Circuit Trek starts from the low land 700m to higher land 5106 m. The trekking trip starts from Kathmandu (1300m) then derive to Sotikhola (700m) and the elevation gradually growing up to Machha Khola, Jagat (1250m), Ghap (2050m), Namrung, Samagaun (3517m), Dharmasala (4400m), Larke La Pass (5106m), Bhimthang and Tilje 1725 meters then down to Taal and drive back to Kathmandu. 

Accommodation in Manaslu Circuit Trek 

Manaslu Circuit Trek area is not that much developed, still, it is developing, and highly facilitate lodges are not available. Tea house accommodations are provided on the way and popular adventure destination. Before there were not many tea houses, so the company operate their camping trek but nowadays because of the availability of the tea houses most trekkers prefer the tea house trekking. 


Following are the available accommodation in Manaslu Circuit Trek

Where to Accommodate in Kathmandu?

Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal and a well-developed town so all kinds of facilities are available. You can use the hotel as per your choice from normal range to 5 - star hotel as per your budget. Thamel is the touristic hub in Kathmandu fit for the staying overnight and go around for the sighting. 

Accommodation in Tea House to Manaslu Circuit 


In soti Khola 

Soti Khola is the first stay overnight while you stating your trek from Kathmandu. There are five guest house available in Soti Khola listed below.

• Satkar Guest House 

• ABC Guest House 

• Tshum Valley Guest House 

• Fulbari Guest House 

• Green Valley Guest House

In these guest house, you will get an attached bathroom for some rooms and others are common bathroom two beds in the room. WIFI and mobile networks available here. 


 In Machha Khola 

After Soti Khola our next stop is Machha Khola and four accommodations are available there listed below.

• Everest Guest House 

• Tsum Valley Guest House 

• Larke Guest House 

• Hill Top Guest House 

You will get the delicious foods with the basic facilities like electronic device charging, hot shower in your extra payment. 


 In Jagat 

After your stay in Machha Khola stop at Jagat in the tea houses and following facilities are available there 

• Jagat Guest House 

• Mnaslu Shanti Guest House 

• Rubi Nala Guest House 

• Himalayan Tourist Guest House 

From Jagat, your restricted permit will let you enter in the Manaslu region and the Tsum Vally trek and there is a check post and you need to register your permit for the further trekking. 


In Deng 

Deng is the trekking stop available with basic accommodation provided by the tea houses 

• Sangrila Cottage 

• New Manaslu Guest House 

• Windy Valley Guest House 

These tea houses will provide you the delicious meals with basic accommodation with Wi-Fi and hot shower. 


In Namrung 

The journey processing from the Deng, another stop is the Namrung facilitate well service of accommodation presented well-established tea houses with good WIFI and hot shower following are the available guest houses in Namrung. 

• Nubri Four – Season Resort 

• Namrung Guest House 

• Namrung Thakali Guest House 


 In Samagaun 

Trekking after Namrung you will arrive at Samagaun is the big village in the base of Mt. Manaslu. Several tea houses are available in in the village as following 

• Mount Manaslu Guest House 

• Gurung Cottage Guest House 

• Tashi Delek Guest House 

• Sama Gaun Guest House 

• Norling Guest House 

• Peace Heaven Guest House 



Samdo is another stop after Sama Gaun as the following accommodation is available here.

• Tibetan Twin Hotel 

• Larke Bazaar Hotel 

• Yak Hotel 

• Jambalaya Guest House 


In Dharmasala 

Dharamsala is at the next stop after Samdo the day preparing for the Larke La Pass. Just basic accommodations are available here as following 

• Larke Guest House 

• Jambalaya Guest House 


In Bhimthang 

After the long trekking trip from Dhrmasala, you will descend the rocky trail after the Larke Pass and arrive at Bhimthang as following tea houses are available there

• Apple Graden 

• Sushma Guest House 

• Himalayan Guest House 

• Mountain Ponker Cottage 

On other days we will stop at Tilje and there are also a limited number of tea houses are available and it is better too book before your coming days. Leaving after Tilje trekking camp at Taal and is the nice station for the accommodation there in the bank of the Marsyangdi River. 


Probability of Altitude Sickness in Manaslu Circuit 

Because of the higher altitude, anyone can get the altitude sickness in the mountains as you couldn't process your walking furthermore if you caught by it. 


What does the cause for Altitude Sickness?

While you are walking in the higher mountain barometric pressure is less in the above elevation then the quantity of oxygen is less. In your higher stay, you will be affected by the barometric pressure and may get altitude sickness. After walking above 3000m, anyone can be the victim of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) and need to well preparation to get rid of it. 


Types of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS)

Three types of AMS are mentioned below

AMS is the (mild) or mountain sickness, HAPE – HIGH ALTITUDE PULMONARY EDEMA and HACE – HIGH ALTITUDE CEREBRAL EDIMA as symptoms mentioned below 

• Headache 

• Hangover – Dizziness

• Muscle Aches 

• Nausea 

Fluid buildup in the lungs is the High Altitude EDEMA and can be the much dangerous need to rescue as soon as possible. 


Symptoms of Altitude Sickness for your quick Aware 

• Vomiting

• Nausea 

• Headache 

• Loss energy and fatigue 

• Shortness of breath 

• Insomnia

• Dizziness 

• loss of appetite 

Preventive Things to do for Altitude Sickness 

• Drink enough water every day in your trek 

• Descend as soon as possible if  you get the AMS symptoms 

• Avoid smoking, Drinking alcohol, Drugs, and sleeping pills during your trek in higher elevation 

• As you walk in the higher elevation, eat balanced diet including  at least 70 percent of  carbohydrates

• Start your journey from the low elevation instead of using a vehicle or airplane if possible 

• Slow and the steady hike will be the best key idea to avoid AMS 

• If you caught by the AMS symptoms then never be hesitate to share with the guide and as soon as descend or rescue as per the seriousness health case 


Packing Lists for the Manaslu Circuit Trek for your reference 

All trekking gears for the Manaslu Circuit is your best supporter while you are hiking in the higher mountains because none knows the weather in the mountains and need all types of things till your end of the trekking trip. The right choice of trekking gears will save your life in extreme cases like heavy snowfall and slippery trail. Your guide and helper always take care of you on the trail and behave them as friendly. Buy the right size of trekking shoes that are comfortable for your feet and not get the blisters. Wisely choose the proper equipment for your Manaslu trekking trip and make it unforgettable in your life of the right choice of enjoyable adventure. 

The following are the lists that you need to pack for the Manaslu Circuit. 

• Trekking shoes 

• Duffle bag

• Extra sandal or shoes 

• Hiking Shorts 

• Warm down jacket 

• Water and windproof jacket 

• Hiking pants 

• Waterproof pants 

• Sports bra for female 

• Thermal underwear 

• hiking socks 

• Hat 

• Gloves 

• Sunglass 

• Good quality of the sleeping bag


First Aid Kits 

Normally trekking companies provide first aid kit for the first aid treatment in the trekking but that might not be enough so it is better to prepare by yourself will be wiser for your health. The following mentioned are we suggest.

• Pain killers 

• Medicine for Diarrhea

• Rehydration salts 

• Knee Cap

• Bandage 

• Move or pain relief spray 

• Antiseptic cream 

• Medicines using by yourself 


- Suntan Lotion  

- Body Lotion 

- Tooth Paste and Tooth Brush 

- Lip Balm 

- Toile papers 

- Tissue paper dry and wet 

- Hand sanitizer 

- Multipurpose soaps 

- Sanitary pad for female 


- Hiking poles lightweight towel 

- Swiss Army knife 

- Notebook and pen 

- Snacks and Chocolate bar 

- Ebooks/books for reading 

- Travel playing game like poker or chess 

- Headlights 



- Mobile phone 

- Camera 

- Tripod 

- Go Pro 

Above mentioned are the least things to pack for your Manaslu Trekking Trip. 


Do I Need Physical Training for Manaslu Circuit Trek?

Manaslu Circuit Trekking is the adventure trek in Nepal means obviously needs the physical training before starting your journey in the region. Daily exercise, regular hiking training, swimming, running, and cardiovascular training are the basic training for the trip to Manaslu. Your previous trekking history in the higher mountains will be back up for the trekking. At least you start your physical preparation before 4 months will be easy for you to walk around 6 – 9 hours per day. 


Health Advantages of Trekking in Nepal towards the Manaslu Circuit Trek  

- You will lose the extra weight 

- Gain the Extra Strength 

- Manage a healthier heartbeat 

- Lungs cleaning 

- Peace your mind 

- Experience the local cultures 

- Meet friends forever in your life 

- Enjoying with the wildlife 

As above mentioned lists are benefits of hiking in the mountains that included a lower risk of heart disease improve blood pressure and balance of sugar level and obviously assist to control the weight.