Trekkingtripnepal 20 Jun, 2020

Why is Everest Base Camp the best Trek in Nepal?

Everest base camp generally refers to the two base camps on the opposite side of Mount Everest. One of them is South Base Camp that lies in Nepal at an altitude of 5,364 meters, while the other one is the North Base Camp lying in Tibet, China, at 5,150 meters. The Everest base camp trek is one of the most beautiful and traveled trekking destinations in Nepal.

Tourists from all across the globe come here to see the beauty of the Everest Region. Nepal is generally called the home of natural attractions and Himalayas, with the highest peak in the world, Mount Everest.

Therefore the most popular region for tourists being here is not just to fulfill their desires of trekking but to learn more about the culture of the people. Besides, Trekkers come to see attractions like the majestic snow-capped mountain views, the flora, and faunas, and, most importantly, to witness the natural and cultural biodiversity that Nepal is famous for.

The facilities for trekkers have been excellent and continuously increasing as per the needs and demands. If you are willing to learn about why the Everest base camp trek is famous, please read below the most important reasons why this Everest base camp trek is winning the hearts of people all around the world.

1. The Initiation of the Trek- Flight to Lukla

This is one of the ways to start your trekking after you reach Lukla. Even though there are many other routes, you can come across; but the most preferred, most accessible, and the comfortable one is taking the flight to Lukla.

The Lukla airport, also called the Tenzing Hillary airport, is itself a short adventure being situated atop of a cliff and drops off downwards at the end of the runway.

The Lukla airport has the shortest runway considered among any other in Nepal. So this generally stays in the mind of people taking the flight. The trip towards Lukla is full of mountain views along with the change in the topography.

2. Sagarmatha National Park

Another reason that makes Everest Base Camp trekking excellent is the Sagarmatha National Park. The trails crossing this park are all beautified by the Himalayan views all around, introducing you to the distinct flora and fauna as well.

Sagarmatha national park is one of the UNESCO preserved listed in the natural world heritage site, and walking along the woods will give you an unforgetting experience.

It is home to many endangered species like Snow-Leopard and the Musk Deer among a bunch of many other creatures. The birch and bamboo forests in the park provide a tranquil nature to trek through. Along with all these, the beautiful scenery that the park protects, to attract its visitors, adds glory to the final destination to the base camp.

3. Namche Bazar

The other notable attraction that adds glory to this Everest base camp trek is the Namche bazar. It is widely mentioned as the gateway to the Himalayas of Nepal.

If you are at Namche bazar, you are welcome to feel the beauty of the gorgeous views like Kongdi RI, the Thamserku, and of course- the Everest from its step-like terrains.  

This is the place where most tourists stay before going to trek to adjust themselves to the new environment. It has been one of the trading centers for Nepali and Tibetian people from ancient times in the case of salts, textiles, dried meat, etc. and still plays a vital role in developing Khumbu as one of the major tourist destinations.

4. The Tengboche Monastery and the Sherpa Culture

Trekking to the Everest base camp is not only adventurous but spiritual as well. One can see several Gumbas across their ways with colorful flags hanged over.

Mani stone walls with prayers inscribed in them are most common to see. People generally visit this monastery to get blessings for their successful journey form the Buddhist monks.

The Tengboche village is another highlight for this region where the blooming of the rhododendron and the sounds of the eagles are most common to hear with their flying views.

The Khumbu region is most condensed by the sherpa culture that is much of an inspiration to the visitors. The Sherpa people are widely known for their mountain climbing skills who welcome you with their humble and friendly nature.

5. The Everest Base Camp

The final journey of the trek, the Everest base camp, is itself the major attraction and the main reason to be a part of this trek. After all, those days of trekking and finally reaching the stop point is just a moment of pride.

It gives you an indescribable feeling. A feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction with the zoomed-in view of mount Everest in front of your eyes; just imagine what would be more beautiful than this? The clear sky above the snowcapped Himalayas, high shining mountains, is just a not to miss sight.

The trek towards the Everest base camp is just safe enough and the best one for the trek lovers who just not want to fulfill their motto of trekking but also want to gain knowledge about the culture residing here.

6. Panoramic Vistas of Everest

One of the reasons for visitors to visit Nepal is the Himalayan vistas. Our country Nepal is rich in natural beauty with the type of suitable climate that let you trek all over the year. And Everest base camp is the one that will not disappoint you in case of your desire to visit Nepal for the Himalayas.

From the start of this trek to its end, all you see is the most mesmerizing, heart capturing, snowcapped glazing mountains all around you. Throughout the trek, the trekkers are always in the company of giant mountain peaks of the Everest massif, which include many prominent peaks like Lhotse, the Cho Oyu, Ama Dablam as well as Mount Everest itself along with many more.

Along with all this, the Khumbu icefall is also part of this trek. All the snowcapped Himalayas beneath the blue sky with the colorful flora and fauna is just the breathtaking view to watch and is one of the best experiences you can ever have in your life.

One thing worth mentioning is that you cannot just see the view f mount Everest from the base camp but only from the famous viewpoint of Kala Patthar(black stone).

Kalapathhar gives you the unshielded panoramic view of Mount Everest and is generally visited in the morning when the sun is about to hit the peak of the Himalayas.

There are many other reasons for trekking over the Everest base camp, and the words are just not enough to describe the beauty. If you want to witness it, make sure you trek here personally. The best time to visit is autumn; however, spring is the 2nd busiest time, too, when the flowers bloom, spreading all the greenery.