About Us

The federal democratic republic of NEPAL is a beautiful country located in South Asia, a country with geographical varieties and rich in culture and tradition. Remarkable places like the birthplace of  Lord Gautam Buddha and the world's highest pick MT EVEREST also lie in Nepal.

Beautiful NEPAL has long been an attraction for the many people in the world. Trekking Trip In Nepal has been providing one of the best trekking experiences for many years, with a group of well-educated and experienced team members around the whole NEPAL, helping you to plan your wonderful journey with our professional and local knowledge in trekking.

Trekking spots we can higher up our journey include:

  • Everest , Annapurna, Kanchenjunga  base camp
  • The birthplace of Lord Buddha LUMBINI
  • Different Heritage Sites
  • Old traditional villages and cities
  • All the religious places, heritages, national parks, and lakes.

We provide you one of the best platforms for arranging adventurous, fantastic and thrilling journey to explore the wonders in NEPAL. Our packages ensure that we offer you local experiences in religions, culture and a lot more. Your satisfaction is our priority!